Income Tax Policy Bulletins

IT-2023-01  - Interim Production Period Expenditures Incurred During WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes

Guidance related to House Bill 481, Living Infants and Fairness Equality (LIFE) Act

Pass-Through Entity (PTE) Tax FAQs

List of Film Tax Credit Expenditures

IT 2017-01 - Income Tax Credits and the Withholding Benefit

Listing of Rural Counties for the Rural Physician Tax Credit

Guidance For Same-Sex Couples Filing in Georgia

IT 2016-01  - Film Tax Credit

CRED-2013-2-13  - Film Tax Credit (Georgia Vendor)

IT-2010-01-07  - Georgia Retraining Credit

IT-2007-12-07  - Disaster Assistance Credit

IT 2018-01 - Exclusion for Dividends from Sources Outside the United States (revised 8/13/19)

IT-2019-02   - Taxation of Nonresident Trust Fiduciaries – Effect of Kaestner Decision

IT 2019-01  - Withholding and Taxation of Certain Nonresident Military Spouses

IT 2018-02  - Electronic Attachments

IT-2010-11-29   - Taxability of Certain Georgia Municipal Bonds

IT 2010-06-15  - Teachers Retirement System Recovery Adjustment

IT-2010-1-27   -  Procedures for Withholding on Assignment of Georgia Lottery Installment Payments

IT-2009-6-8   - Procedures for Verifying Whether Compensation Payments May Be Deducted for Georgia Income Tax Purposes

IT 2009-5-29  - IRS Automatic Extension Rules for Filing Georgia Tax Returns

IT 2008-10-27  - Electronic Filing Mandates

IT-2003-03-28-1   - Mississippi Gaming Winnings