Before registering to pay taxes with the Department, entities such as Corporations, LLCs, and Partnerships doing business in the state should check with the Georgia Secretary of State regarding their registration requirements.

Sole proprietors may register with the Department as an individual for business-related taxes.

  • Gather Required Information

    Gather required information to register on Georgia Tax Center (GTC):

    • Social security number (SSN)
    • Most recent federal adjusted gross income (FAGI)
    • Your NAICS code, if applicable. Look up your NAICS code before you begin registration or during the registration
    • The types of tax accounts for which you are registering. Learn more about tax types on Tax Registration
  • Establish your GTC Account

    If you have filed a return in Georgia, you can establish a GTC logon to access your individual income tax account.  To establish your GTC account:

    1. Sign up for online access to the Georgia Tax Center
    2. Once you have established a logon, register your business as a Sole Proprietor:
      1. Logon to Georgia Tax Center
      2. Find and select See more links… under the “I want to” section
      3. Select Register as a Sole Proprietor
      4. Follow the instructions to complete the registration
    3. Note:  Exit out of your account and log back in before registering any other account.
    4. Once Sole Proprietor registration request has completed processing, select See More links.   Then select Register New Tax Account. Now select the account types for which you need to register and follow instructions to register accounts
  • Sole Proprietors Who Never Filed a Georgia Return

    If you have never filed a Georgia return you will need to complete a New Business Registration as a Sole Proprietor on GTC.

    1. Select Register a New Georgia Business
    2. Select Sole Proprietor from the “Business Type” drop-down list
    3. Follow the instructions to complete the registration and sign up for a GTC account
  • Find Helpful Information