Sales & Use Tax Refunds

This page explains how to request a sales tax refund via the Georgia Tax Center (GTC).

Request a Sales Tax Refund

  1. Log into GTC.
  2. Look under Summary Tab. Go to the Sales & Use Tax Account and select “ See more…” hyperlink.
  3. Under Manage My Account, select Request Refund.

Step 1: Complete the File your claim information under Refund Information then click Next.

Step 2: If you said Yes to Direct Deposit, complete the Direct Deposit Information. Click Next.

Step 3: Click Add Attachment if you need to add forms to support your claim.  Click Next.

Step 4: Review the Refund Request Summary then click Submit. To make changes, click the Previous button.

  1. Click Yes to confirm that you want to submit this form.
  2. The Confirmation Page will be displayed. Write down the Confirmation Number or Print the page for your records.

Questions?  Please see the detailed instructions or video.