ACH Credit Electronic Funds Transfer Information

The GA Department of Revenue uses CCD+ with TXP Addenda Format

TXP*Account Number*Tax Code*Period End Date*T*Dollar Amount

Tax Codes Tax Type Taxpayer Identification (Account Number)
011 Withholding 7 Digit-2 Letters
018 Composite 9 Digit (FEIN)
021 Corporate 9 Digit (FEIN)
041 Sales & Use 9 Digit
050 Motor Fuel 5 Digit-2 Letters
201 Prepaid Wireless 911 10 Digit starts with 911
203 State Hotel Motel Fee HMF Followed by 7 digits
205 Fireworks Excise Tax FWT followed by 7 digits
206 Partnership 9 Digit (FEIN)
215 Public Service Commission Fee PCS followed by 7 digits
216 Southwest Railroad Tax SWR followed by 7 digits
217 Railroad Equipment Tax RRE followed by 7 digits


EFT-002 Georgia ACH Credit Taxpayer Registration Authorization Form

*Important Note* If your taxpayer Identification field requires more characters to be entered after you have keyed in your account number USE trailing zeros (0’s) as the segment terminator.

Tax Period Ending Date

Period the tax payment covers. This is the last day of the month for which the taxes are being paid.

*Note* This date IS NOT the due date or the date of the payment.

Format used YYMMDD


The amount fields are used to carry the dollar amount owed or being paid. Neither a decimal point nor a dollar sign should be used in conjunction with the amount, but the amount field should always contain cents even if it is “00”.

Department of Revenue Bank Information

Bank Name: Wells Fargo  
Bank Account: 2000017207881
Transit/Routing#: 121000248

If you have any type of ACH Fraud Control for Debits set up on your bank account, please contact your bank to ensure you have the correct ACH Originator ID so that your payment can be properly debited from your account. 

The Originator ID