School Bus & School Zone Infractions - HB 978 Information

Pursuant to Georgia House Bill 978, the Department of Revenue (the “Department”) is required to refuse to renew the registration of certain motor vehicles and prohibit the title transfer of such vehicles within this state, if the Department receives a referral from a Governing Body or its Agent regarding the failure to pay penalties for certain speed limit violations in school zones and school bus infractions.

Below is information regarding procedures:

  • The Governing Body must follow to register with the Department.
  • The Governing Body and its Agent must follow to submit referrals and request removal of holds.

Note:  These procedures apply only to citations issued on or after July 1, 2018 and are subject to change.

HB 978 Registration & Reporting Requirements

HB 978 Governing Body Agreement

Sample Authorization Letter for School Bus and School Zone Violations

MV-BISV-01 School Bus and School Zone Violations Form