Policy Bulletins

Prepaid Local Tax

Certain local sales and use taxes, collectively known as "prepaid local tax," must be remitted by duly licensed distributors on all sales of motor fuel for highway use to any purchaser not duly licensed as a Georgia distributor of that fuel type. Prepaid local tax is based on the average retail sales prices of motor fuel, which change every year on January 1 and July 1. Refer to Calculating Tax on Motor Fuel for the current average retail sales prices of motor fuel.

Fees & Excise Taxes

Transportation Services Tax Bulletin - Annual Rates

FET-2021-01 Changes to the State Hotel-Motel Fee – Effective July 1, 2021

FET-2020-01 Transportation Services Tax, revised September 23, 2020

FET-2018-01 Non-prepaid 911 Charge and Prepaid Wireless 911 Charge

FET-2017-01 Duty to Charge the State Hotel-Motel Fee

Sales & Use Tax

SUT 2022-01 College Park, East Point, and Hapeville MOSTs

SUT-2021-03 Reporting Requirements for High-Technology Companies Claiming Computer Equipment Exemption

SUT-2021-02 Reporting Requirements for Sales and Uses of Fuels Used by Common or Contract Carriers Exclusively for Locomotive Operation, revised July 30, 2021

SUT-2017-07 Exemption for Admission To Certain Performances and Exhibitions, revised August 22, 2022

SUT-2021-01 Exemption for Nonresident Purchases of Mechanically Propelled Watercraft

SUT-2017-02 Exemption for Qualified Food Banks, revised August 11, 2020

SUT-2017-03 Exemptions for Nonprofit Volunteer Health Clinics and Nonprofit Health Centers, revised August 11, 2020

SUT-2017-04 Exemption for Qualified Job Training Organizations, revised August 5, 2020

SUT-2020-02 Fundraising Activities Conducted by Organizations Exempt from Federal Income Tax Under Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3)

SUT-2020-01 Marketplace Facilitators 

SUT-2019-02 Remote Sellers - Sales and Use Tax Obligations

SUT-2019-01 High-Technology Data Center Equipment Exemption

SUT-2018-08 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Admissions to Super Bowl LIII and Related Events

SUT-2018-06 Ware County TSPLOSTs

SUT-2018-05 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for the Construction of Qualifying Automobile Museums

SUT-2018-04 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Qualifying Aquariums, Effective July 1, 2018

SUT-2018-02 Charges for Rooms, Lodgings, or Accommodations Furnished to Transients

SUT-2018-01 New DeKalb County Taxes

SUT-2017-08 Charges for Participation in Certain Games and Amusement Activities

SUT-2017-06 Exemption for Qualifying Theaters

SUT-2017-05 Exemptions for the Renovation or Expansion of a Qualifying Aquarium or Zoological Institution

SUT-2017-01 New Atlanta and Fulton County Sales Taxes

SUT-2016-02 Interest Rate and Refund Procedures under House Bill 960

SUT-2016-01 Agriculture Sales and Use Tax Exemption, revised August 21, 2018

SUT-2015-01 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for the Construction of Buildings at a Private College

SUT-2014-01 Expiration of the Federal Moratorium on the Taxation of the Internet Access Charges

SUT-2014-02 Foreign Diplomat Tax Exemption Privileges, revised May 18, 2018

SUT 2014-03-26 Zoological Institution Exemption (Exemption expired June 30, 2015)

SUT 2011-12-12 Application of Sales Tax to Watercraft and Trailers Sold by a Georgia Dealer

SUT 2010-10-13 Conformity to Certain Provisions of the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement

SUT 2009-09-25 Application of Georgia Sales and Use Tax to the Providing of Portable Toilets and Associated Services

SUT 2006-12-05 Mobile, Manufactured, and Modular Homes

SUT 2006-02-06 Sales Tax Exemption for Sale of Bibles, Korans, Testaments, Religious Papers, Similar Items Rescinded

SUT 1995-12-07 Third-Party Drop Shipment Transactions


SUT 2019-01 High-Technology Data Center Equipment Exemption, superseded by Rule 560-12-2-.117 High-Technology Data Center Equipment

SUT 2013-03-28 Fundraising Activities Conducted by Nonprofit Entities, superseded by Policy Bulletin SUT-2020-02

SUT-2018-07 2018 Georgia House Bill 61-Remote Sellers, superseded by Policy Bulletin SUT-2019-02

SUT-2018-03 Notice Regarding Certain Local Sales and Use Taxes on Jet Fuel Sales, superseded by O.C.G.A. § 48-8-3.5

SUT 2012-12-10 Special District Transportation Sales and Use Tax