Introduction to GTC - FAQ

  • What is GTC?

    GTC stands for Georgia Tax Center. GTC is used for electronic filing and paying of Sales and Use Tax, Withholding Income Tax, IFTA, Motor Fuel, Contracting and Licensing, Alcohol, and Tobacco. Individuals and Corporations can make payments without signing up for online access. GTC will allow for easier filing through online entry, imports, single file uploads, and bulk file uploads.

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  • What is a request?

    Anytime you make a change or perform an action on your account, GTC records a request. This request will be processed by our tax system at various times throughout the day. Examples of requests are filing a return, making a payment or adding another account. To view requests, click the Pending/Completed Requests link. GTC will display the status of the request as completed or pending.

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  • Can I change or cancel a request?

    Yes, if a request has not been processed you can change or withdraw a specific request.

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  • What are the minimum system requirements?


    • Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
    • Opera 10
    • FireFox version 4.0 or higher
    • Safari version 5.0 or higher
    • Google Chrome


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  • How do I sign up to be a new GTC user?

    Click the Signup for Web Access link and complete the required fields. You will need your account number (Sales Tax or Withholding) and Zip Code (for the location of the business.) Once you have completed the registration, your Authorization Code and a login link will be emailed to you. You will use your Authorization Code to login for the first time. After your initial login, you no longer need your authorization code.

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  • What is Two-factor authentication
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  • How do I log in to GTC?

    Enter your GTC user name and case sensitive password and click the Login button. Do not enter an authorization code unless you are logging in for the first time.

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  • How do I register a tax account?

    From the home screen, select the Add Access to Another Account link. Enter the required information. Note: your Account ID is an eight digit number, and is not your Federal Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. Select the Proceed button and then select Yes to confirm your request. A confirmation number will be given to you. You can clink on the Print button to keep this for your records.

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  • Is GTC a secure website?

    Yes. GTC was designed using up-to-date security technology to ensure the privacy of your transactions. In addition the login and user authentication areas are designed to assure users that they can access their tax filing information in a secure environment.

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  • Who can create or delete a user Id for my business?

    There are two ways to create a GTC user ID:

    1. A user can create a GTC user Id with the “signup for web access” link on the GTC welcome page.

    • They will need to provide the account number, zip code, last payment amount (if applicable), and effective date, of at least one of the accounts under the STI to create a user ID.
    • If a taxpayer has more than one account, they can add them by providing the account details.
    • The administrator of the STI is able to establish access levels for additional user IDs. This can be done through either the default access levels already specified for the STI, or by changing the user’s access level.
    • The administrator can create a new user ID for the STI and add access to any of the accounts linked to their profile.

    2. New third party filers that do not have a tax account with the Georgia Department of Revenue must download and submit the Bulk Filer Registration form (CRF-Bulk). The DOR will create their Administrator user ID, and in turn, the new administrator can create all other IDs needed by the Third Party filer.

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  • One of the web pages is not working; who should I contact?

    First, verify your system meets the minimum requirements. For a list of the minimum system requirements, please see the Minimum Requirement section above. If you are still experiencing a problem with the system, please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue at 1-877-423-6711.


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  • Can I change my address?

    Yes. From the Account Summary Page, select the Edit link next to the address you would like to change. You may change your location address or your mailing address. Enter the correct information and click the Proceed button. Enter your password and select yes to confirm your change.

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