Two Factor Authentication – FAQ

  • What is Two-Factor Authentication?

    Two-factor authentication is a functionality that provides identification of users by using two different components: something the user knows and something the user possesses.

    For example; the user knows his user name and password and has access to his phone or email account for second verification.

  • What information is required?

    A phone number that accepts Short Message Service (SMS) messaging or an e​​​mail address.

  • How am I protected?

    The use of two-factor authentication proves one's identity based on the premise that an unauthorized person is unlikely to be able to supply both factors required for access. When an authentication attempt is tried, both factors must be correct, or the asset being protected remains blocked.

  • Will I be required to enter a code each time I login?

    If you are using the same device each time and have selected “Trust this Computer” upon logging in to GTC, this is not required.

  • Can I opt-out (disable) two-factor?

    No, the Department has implemented two-factor to stay current with standard security measures.

  • What if my email address or phone number/carrier changes?
    • If you have already logged in on this browser and computer and selected “Trust this Computer”, then there will be no issues.
    • You may change your email address or phone number inside of GTC under your Profile.
  • Do you accept international phone numbers?

    Not at this time; you will need to choose the email method of contact.

  • What happens if I use a second device, will I be required to re-authenticate if I go back to the first device?

    You need to authenticate on every device/browser that you log in with unless you have previously selected “Trust this Computer” or you have cleared your cookies.

    There is no issue with trusting multiple devices.

  • What if I do not receive the email with the codes?
    • Check your spam folder
    • Verify you are checking the correct email address or phone number
    • Make sure that [email protected] is not added to your block list
    • Add [email protected] to your contacts list
  • Is there a time limit on the authentication code received?
    • Your authentication code will last for 1 day unless you request another authentication code which will replace any previous codes.
  • Am I required to re-authenticate on each login?

    You need to authenticate on every device/browser that you log in with unless you have previously.

  • Here’s how to opt-in once you’re logged on to GTC

    How to Opt-In:

    Once logged into GTC, taxpayers who wish to opt-in will need to:


    TFA Opt-In.JPG