• What are the requirements to open an IFTA account in Georgia?

    Please read how to Register for a New IFTA Account.

  • How can I order additional decals?

    Please read how to Order Additional IFTA Decals.

  • Do I have to register my trucks for IFTA if they never leave the state?

    No. However, you will be required to register for IFTA if any of your qualified IFTA vehicles operate interstate. (Exception: You may purchase temporary operating permits for infrequent travel in member jurisdictions in lieu of registering for IFTA and filing IFTA tax return).

  • What is the cost for a Georgia IFTA Decal? Where should IFTA decals be placed?

    IFTA decals are $3 per set; you are required to have one set per truck. One decal should be placed on each side of your truck. More Info.

  • What is needed to file my IFTA quarterly return?
    1. Tax paid gallons from fuel receipts
    2. Jurisdictions traveled in
    3. Total miles traveled in each jurisdiction

    More info on Filing an IFTA Quarterly Return.

  • My IFTA account has been terminated for Non-Renewal. What should I do?

    If you wish for your account to be re-instated, log into your Georgia Tax Center (GTC) account and submit a Renewal Request.

  • My IFTA account was closed due to “No Operation”. What are my options?

    IFTA, Inc. requires that you travel outside the state of Georgia and report this travel on your quarterly IFTA return. If you report “No Operation” or Georgia only miles for three consecutive quarters, your account will automatically be terminated and you will be required to travel on 30-day fuel trip permits.

  • Where can I obtain fuel trip permits?

    You can log on to the Georgia Trucking Portal to request, pay for and print trip permits.

  • My account was closed due to unfiled returns. What do I do?

    You must log on to the Georgia Tax Center, file all missing returns and pay outstanding liabilities (GA Department of Revenue preferred method).

  • Do I still have to file a tax return if I didn’t travel this quarter?

    Yes, quarterly filing is mandatory even if you did not leave your base jurisdiction during that quarter. You will need to check the “No Operations” checkbox on page 1 of Form IFTA 100.

  • What will happen if I have failed to file and pay any taxes due on IFTA return(s) during any year(s) that I was IFTA registered?

    You will receive a delinquency notice from the Georgia Department of Revenue. Until all tax returns have been filed and liabilities paid, you will not be allowed to renew your IFTA registration for the subsequent year. Failure to pay all liabilities in full may result in further legal action.

  • What are the dates for IFTA decal renewal season?

    Renewal season begins October 1st. Your IFTA decal expires December 31st.

    IFTA, Inc. grants an extension to place the updated decal on your truck no later than February 28th. You must request next year’s decal by December 31st. 

    Failure to display new IFTA decals and carry a license by March 1st of each year will subject each vehicle to applicable penalties imposed by IFTA-member jurisdictions.

  • What is an IFTA Surtax?

    Only two States currently collect an additional fee via a surcharge line on the IFTA return. These rates currently vary from 3.5 to 11 cents per gallon.

  • What are non-IFTA miles?

    Non-IFTA miles are miles traveled in Washington DC, Hawaii, and Alaska.

  • My IFTA registered vehicles travel what my company considers to be “non-IFTA” miles. Am I obligated to report those miles?

    Yes. All miles traveled by your IFTA-registered vehicles are considered to be IFTA miles unless specifically exempt by the IFTA member jurisdiction where the business or individual that owns the vehicles is located. Please visit the IFTA web site at www.iftach.org and click on "Exemptions" to determine if a jurisdiction exempts any miles from IFTA road use taxes.

  • Where can I get the IFTA tax rates for my IFTA quarterly return?

    The IFTA website at www.iftach.org.

    Current and past IFTA rates can be found on the IFTA website, click Tax Rates and look for your base jurisdiction. Updated rates are also provided online when filing a return on the Georgia Tax Center website.

  • In anticipation of obtaining hauling contracts, I order and place IFTA decals on certain vehicles. If I place a decal on any qualified IFTA vehicle, but the vehicle doesn’t leave the state, is there still a reporting obligation?

    Yes. Once decals are placed on any qualified IFTA vehicle, you must report the miles and fuel for that vehicle, regardless of whether the vehicle leaves the state.

  • If I maintain a bulk diesel storage tank for fueling both IFTA and non-IFTA qualified vehicles, am I required to maintain records detailing the distribution of diesel fuel from the storage tank?

    If I maintain a bulk diesel storage tank for fueling both IFTA and non-IFTA qualified vehicles, am I required to maintain records detailing the distribution of diesel fuel from the storage tank?

    Yes. You must maintain detailed bulk storage tank distribution records when both non-IFTA and IFTA-qualified vehicles receive fuel from the same tank. Records must be maintained as specified in the IFTA Procedures Manual.

  • Can I order additional decals in case I sell my vehicle or purchase a new vehicle during the year?

    Yes. You may purchase as many decals as you need for your company. However, your company must account for all decals purchased as well as file returns and remit payment on all balance due amounts for qualified IFTA vehicles affixed with decals. How to Order Additional Decals.

  • Is there a penalty for using red-dyed high sulfur diesel fuel in on-highway vehicles?

    Yes. The minimum penalty is $1,000 and may be higher based on the amount of red-dyed diesel fuel found in the propulsion tanks of each vehicle. The fine is higher for subsequent violations. For example, a second offense carries a minimum fine of $2,000. Also, if the vehicle was fueled from a red-dyed diesel fuel storage tank owned by the company or owner of the vehicle, the amount of red-dyed diesel fuel contained in the fuel storage tank at the time of inspection will be subject to an additional $10 per gallon penalty.