How to Complete Tax Forms Online

All forms must be printed and mailed to address listed on the form.

Completing the form online is not suitable for tablets and phones (mobile devices).

Helpful Tips 

  • Click in the first field where you want to begin entering data.  Type the information.  The letters will appear in lower case.  Once you hit the tab, the letters will appear in all upper case.
  • Use the tab key or mouse to move to the next field.
  • Yellow fields and drop-down selections are auto-calculating.
  • Enter SSN, FEIN or Withholding numbers without the dashes.
  • Click in the field when entering SSN or FEIN number.  If you are not directly in the field, a popup message will continue to display.
  • Remember to print all required pages of the return.
  • Can I save the form and reopen it to complete later?

    Yes. You can save the form.

    How do I save the form?

    Click “Save Form.” The form will save in the downloads folder as a html file on your computer with a preset name (FormName-Tax Year-Date-Time). Example: GA500EZ-2019-7-15-14_39.html

    How do I reopen a saved file?

    • Locate the file on your computer (Typically in the downloads folder of your local hard drive)
    • Click the file name to open
    • File will open in your default browser


    • If you select “Save Form” multiple times throughout your session the form will save a new file or multiple files each time
    • You must be connected to the internet to complete/edit the form
    • If you close or refresh your browser before saving, data will be lost
  • Where did my file save?

    Typically the form saves in your downloads folder; however, the file could have saved in the default folder you have set for saving files

  • How do I print the completed form?

    Click “Print Completed Form” to print the completed form.  Once the print window opens you may be able to select specific pages or a print range.

    • Please do not select "shrink to fit." This may delay the processing of your return.

    • Having trouble printing?   Download this pdf file. Read more printing tips

  • How do I clear the form?

    Click the “Reset” button on page 1 to clear ALL the data on the entire form.

    Click the “Reset Page” button on each page to clear the data on that page ONLY.

  • How do I print a blank form?

    Remember, forms completed electronically process faster than handwritten forms!

    Print Blank Tax Forms