Download 2018 Individual Income Tax Forms

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FS-MFD-26 Motor Fuel Distributor's Bond

This form is a bond for Motor Fuel Distributors

G-1003 Withholding Income Statement Transmittal

Withholding filers who file and pay electronically are required to file and pay their G-1003 Income Statement electronically.  Any filers who are federally required to file their income statements electronically must also file electronically for Georgia.

All taxpayers are encouraged to file and pay electronically online through the Georgia Tax Center (GTC).

 Visit GTC, the Department's secure electronic self-service portal that allows you to manage your taxes online

G-4P Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments

For recipients of income from annuities, pensions, and certain other deferred compensation plans.  Use this form to tell payers whether to withhold income tax and on what basis.

G-7M Withholding Quarterly Return (For Monthly Payer)

G7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Monthly Payer)

G-7NRW Nonresident Withholding Return

This form is for Partnership, Subchapter S Corporations and LLC's to the pay the nonresident withholding on their nonresident members' share of taxable income sourced to Georgia.

G-7Q Withholding Quarterly Return (For Quarterly Payer)

G7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Quarterly Payer)


This form is for withholding on Distributions to Nonresident members and shareholders


Allocated Withholding on Employees of Loan-Out Companies (rev. 10/12)