Download 2017 Individual Income Tax Forms

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Certificate of Subcontractor Residency ST-C 214-6

A subcontractor may submit this form to a general contractor to certify the subcontractor’s Georgia residency.

Compliance Agreements

To register for Fed/State MeF Certification, with the Georgia Department of Revenue, a Compliance Agreement must be completed.  This process is completed through Georgia Tax Center (GTC)

Georgia Tax Center (GTC) is the Departments’ secure electronic self-service portal that allows you to register, check the status of test cases and receive your ATS Certification.     

Corporate Compliance Agreement 2015

This form is a Corporate compliance agreement and registration for electronic tax returns.


This form is an affidavit by non-residents.

CR-ES Composite Return Estimated Tax

CR-ES Georgia Nonresident Composite Tax Payment Voucher

CR-PV Composite Return Payment Voucher

CR-PV Composite Return Payment Voucher

CRF Tax Preparer Registration Form

Registration for a Tax Preparer or third-party filer.


Register your business account with the Department of Revenue online through the Georgia Tax Center.

CRF-003 Additional Address Form

This form is used to add additional addresses to registered businesses.