HRT-8S2 Hurricane Relief Secure Power of Attorney

This form may be only used by insurance companies licensed to do business in Georgia applying for replacement titles on the total loss settlements of vehicles damaged in Hurricane Michael.

IFTA-100 Quarterly Fuel Tax Return

IFTA Quarterly Fuel tax return.

IND-CR Individual Income Tax Credit

Beginning 2016, the Individual Income Tax Credit (IND-CR) form is part of the Form 500.

Information on Georgia's Withholding Requirements for Sales or Transfers of Real Property by Nonresidents

Withholding requirements for sales or transfers of real property by Nonresidents

IT-303 Application for Extension of Time for Filing

Application for Extension of Time for Filing State Income Tax Returns.

IT-511 Individual Income Tax Booklet

Individual Income Tax Instruction Booklet.  Contains 500 and 500EZ Forms and General Instructions


An application for a tentative carry-back adjustment may be filed on this form by any corporation.

IT-560 Extension Payment Voucher

The IT-560 form is used by taxpayers to submit any payment of tax when an extension has been requested or is enforced. For Individual or Fiduciary.