Download 2017 Individual Income Tax Forms

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IT-FC Film Tax Credit

Georgia Film Tax Credit form IT-FC


Department of Revenue, Insurance and Community Affairs - Certification of Georgia Housing Tax Credit


Application for Georgia Headquarters Job Tax Credit


Investment Tax Credit Form

IT-MC Musical Tax Credit

This form is for the IT-MC Musical Tax Credit.


Optional Investment Tax Credit Calculation

IT-PFC Post Production Film Tax Credit

This form is for the post production film tax credit.


Qualified Business Expansion Application


Qualified Business Registration Form (the Georgia Angel Investor Tax Credit)

Form IT-QBR must be filed from within your GTC account.

If you have never filed an income tax return with the State of Georgia you must call the Taxpayer Services Call Center at 1-877-423-6711 to get registered, receive a web logon and a temporary password for the Georgia Tax Center (GTC).