Download 2016 Individual Income Tax Forms

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Certificate of Residence for Retail License Applicants only.


Georgia Alcohol & Tobacco Personnel Statement

CRF Tax Preparer Registration Form

A Tax Preparer (or Service Provider) is a third party who, by agreement, files electronic tax transactions, either in bulk or single entry online, on behalf of taxpayer clients. As a third party tax preparer, you have the option to file a client’s transaction information individually online at the Georgia Tax Center website or to submit an electronic file containing transactions for multiple clients. 

Learn How To: 


Register Your Business Account with the Department of Revenue Online Through Georgia Tax Center.

Whether you are opening a new business, adding a new location or a new tax type to an existing business, you now can register your tax accounts online from your computer!

Georgia Tax Center (GTC) is the Department's secure electronic self-service portal that allows you to manage your taxes online. Visit GTC at

The following information is needed before you begin:

CRF-003 Additional Address Form

This form is used to add additional addresses to registered businesses.

CRF-004 Additional Ownership/Relationship

This form is used to apply additional ownership relationship to registered businesses.

CRF-005 Responsible Party Information

This form is for responsible parties who are under duty to collect, amount for and pay any taxes or amounts to the Department of Revenue

CRF-IFTA Motor Carrier Registration

This form is used to register for IFTA Motor Carrier.

FS-MFD-26 Motor Fuel Distributor's Bond

This form is a bond for Motor Fuel Distributors