Download 2016 Individual Income Tax Forms

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2017 Employer Tax Guide

Learn about the Withholding tax guidelines for the Georgia Department of Revenue.

AFF1 Affidavit of Sellers Residence

This form is to be executed by the seller and furnished to the buyer to establish Georgia residency.

AFF2 Affidavit Of Seller's Gain

The form is to be presented to the buyer when the seller wishes to establish the gain to be recognized from a sale of real property.

Form G-4 Employee Withholding

State of Georgia Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. Complete this form and give it to your employer so state tax is withheld.

G-1003 Withholding Income Statement Transmittal

This form is for the end of year withholding filing for businesses

G-4P Withholding Certificate For Pension Or Annuity Payments

This form is used recipients of income from annuity, pension, and certain other deferred compensation plans use this form to tell payers whether to withhold income tax and on what basis.

G-7 Schedule B

This form is a quarterly return for Semi Weekly Payers

G-7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Monthly Payer)

G7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Monthly Payer)

G-7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Quarterly Payer)

G7 Withholding Quarterly Return (For Quarterly Payer)

G-7NRW Nonresident Withholding Return

This form is for Partnership, Subchapter S Corporations and LLC's to the pay the nonresident withholding on their nonresident members' share of taxable income sourced to Georgia.