HRT-8S2 Hurricane Relief Secure Power of Attorney

This form may be only used by insurance companies licensed to do business in Georgia applying for replacement titles on the total loss settlements of vehicles damaged in Hurricane Michael.

RD-1061 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative

RD-1062 Disclosure Authorization Form

RD-1063 Reporting Agent Authorization

T-19A Affidavit of Authority To Receive Title(s) and or Title Documents for a Company, Corporation or Partnership

Power of Attorney for a business to receive titles.

T-8 Limited Power of Attorney/Motor Vehicle Transactions

Form T-8 or T8 Limited Power of Attorney (Rev. 3-2015).

T-8W DOR Secure Power of Attorney

A seller may use this form when a vehicle is transferred to authorize a purchaser to disclose odometer mileage in lieu of the seller completing the odometer information on the proof of ownership.