Distributions Section

This unit manages the local sales tax distributions to MARTA and the counties, cities and school systems in the state. Each county government may impose up to 3% local sales tax in addition to the state’s 4% sales tax. The City of Atlanta imposes an additional 1% city sales tax within its city limits, and additionally some regions in the state can impose a 1% transportation sales tax commonly called TSPLOST. In addition, the unit manages the Forest Land Protection Act Grant (FLPA) yearly distribution to the counties and cities, as well as for the yearly Prepaid Wireless E-911 program.

  • Provides technical assistance to governing authorities on local tax referendums

  • Distributes monthly sales tax proceeds to local taxing authorities

  • Publishes state and local sales and use tax rates

  • Maintains local sales tax revenue data

  • Receives FLPA requests and makes distributions to local taxing authorities

  • Calculates and distributes yearly E-911 proceeds to local governments operating a qualified emergency 911 system

This unit is responsible for the following functions:

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