Corporate Electronic Filing

Georgia participates in the 1120 Fed/State Corporate E-file program for original Forms 600 and 600S. You may visit for information about the program.

Electronic Return Originators (ERO) and preparers are not required to register with the Georgia Department of Revenue for approval to file electronically.  ERO's and preparers who have been approved by the IRS are automatically approved to submit Georgia returns electronically.

If you file electronically and need to make a payment, you have the following payment options:

  • Pay by using the Georgia Tax Center. You should register if you are not already registered. Visit the Georgia Tax Center site
  • Pay with a credit card.
  • Mail your payment with the Payment Voucher ( Form PV-Corp to the address on the voucher. Print this form from your software program or obtain it from our website. It is critical that you use this form to ensure that your payment is properly applied.

NOTE: If you pay with a credit card, do not mail the payment voucher. Credit cards are not accepted for payments associated with extensions, installment payment agreements, or amended returns.

For information about Georgia 's participation in the Fed/State 1120 program, click the links below or contact us via e-mail to

Frequently Asked Questions – Corporate Electronic Filing

Software Developers

The Department of Revenue encourages electronic filing; however, we neither support nor recommend any software company. You must address technical support issues with the company whose product you select. For additional electronic filing information you can contact the E-file Help Desk