License Fees

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Investigation Fee

Investigation Fee Amount
Non-Refundable $100

License Fee

License Fee Amount
Brewery $1,000
Distillery $1,000
Winery $1,000
Farm Winery $50
Wine Special Order Shipping $50
Farm Winery/Wholesale $50
Brewpub $1,000
Adding Officers $100

Hotel In-Room Service (Consumption on Premises )
Liquor + Beer=


Broker License Fee

Broker License Fee Amount
Broker Malt Beverage $50
Broker Wine $50
Broker Distilled Spirits $100

Wholesaler License Fee

Wholesaler License Fee Amount
Wholesaler Wine $500
Wholesaler Malt Beverage $500
Wholesaler Distilled Spirits $1,000

Importer License Fee

Importer License Fee Amount
Importer Wine $500
Importer Malt Beverage $500
Importer Distilled Beverage $1,000

Retail License Fee 

Retail License Fee Amount
Retail Dealer/Package Store $200
Retail Malt Beverage $50
Retail Wine $50

Special Event License

Special Event License Amount
Non-Profit $25
For-Profit Malt Beverage $50
For-Profit Wine $50
For-Distilled Spirits $100

Limousine License

Limousine License Amount
License $50
Per Decal $15

Tobacco License 

Tobacco License Amount
Tobacco Wholesaler/Distributor $250
Tobacco Manufacturer $250
Tobacco Dealer/Retailer $10
Special Event Tobacco Permit $10


Note: For anyone merely adding vape to an existing tobacco license prior to the renewal date will be charged $10.00. The annual renewal fee to sell tobacco, alternative nicotine, and vapor products has changed to $20.00. This cost includes a $10.00 license fee and an additional fee of $10.00 to add vapor products.