About the Georgia Tax Center

What is the Georgia Tax Center?

The Georgia Tax Center (GTC) is your one-stop shop for electronic filing and paying taxes. You can file and pay the following taxes and fees:

  • Sales and use tax
  • International fuel tax
  • Withholding income tax
  • Motor fuel
  • 911 prepaid wireless fees
  • Alcohol and tobacco licensing
  • Motor fuel excise taxes
  • Pay Fiduciary (only available online)

Georgia Tax Center

License registration, renewal, search and many other services are available online.

Why use Georgia Tax Center?

  • Accurate. Electronic filing reduces the chances of error. You can use several tax preparation software packages to validate all submitted returns. We'll let you know if any error occurs.
  • Secure. Electronically submitted returns and payments are transmitted over secure and encrypted lines. The Georgia Department of Revenue is in compliance with industry standard best practices for security.
  • Paperless. Electronic filing saves you time, money, and frustration. Electronic filing is free. No postage is necessary, and all your returns are viewable online.

What else can you do online?

Questions about how to use GTC?  Help and Support information is available online.