Request Tax Clearance Letter

You may request a tax clearance letter for all tax types including individuals and sole proprietors through Georgia Tax Center (GTC). GTC is the Department's secure electronic self-service portal that allows you to manage your taxes online.

What You Need to Know

  • Must have a GTC login
  • Available for all tax types
  • Will check for tax balances and delinquent periods for all accounts
    • If all accounts clear, the Tax Clearance letter will show all account types
    • If any accounts have a balance due or delinquent periods, a denial letter will generate
  • Next day, the Tax Clearance Letter is available for viewing or printing online
  • Copy of the Tax Clearance Letter is also mailed

How do I get a Tax Clearance Letter?

  1. Login to the Georgia Tax Center (GTC)
  2. Under "I Want To...", click on "See more links ..."
  3. Click on Request Tax Clearance Letter
  4. Click "Submit"

For more detailed instructions, view the Request a Tax Clearance Letter (Instructional Guide).