Unclaimed Property - FAQ

  • If I want to research the names of friends and family, do I have to purchase the list?

    Yes.  You may only search online for property which you possess an interest in.  We recommend you refer your friends and family to our online tool where they can search for their own property for free.  Please refer them to https://dor.georgia.gov/unclaimed-property-program to search for Unclaimed Property held by the State of Georgia.  To search for Unclaimed Property with other states please visit www.unclaimed.org

    Please note that the UCP staff is legally prevented from communicating with entities who have no interest in a property.  Third parties are required to provide a validly-executed Unclaimed Property Power of Attorney, form Download this pdf file. UP-1061 , before UCP staff members may discuss another owner’s claim and/or property.

  • Should I send money to a company to assist me in locating unclaimed property?

    You do not need to.  The State of Georgia provides a quick, easy, and free way for you to locate and collect your Unclaimed Property. Please visit https://dor.georgia.gov/unclaimed-property-program to search for Unclaimed Property held by the State of Georgia.  To search for Unclaimed Property in other states please visit www.unclaimed.org.

  • Should I do business with an asset recovery service in order to claim my property?

    Georgia citizens are often contacted by asset recovery services. It is not necessary for you to contract with this company to receive your property because these accounts will eventually be delivered to the State for safekeeping. The State of Georgia Unclaimed Property Program will hold and return this property to the owner upon request at no charge. It is a good practice to compile a list of any company with whom you may have property and inquire with them about its status.

  • How do I find out about unclaimed U.S. Savings Bonds?

    The Department has filed court documents to receive Unclaimed U.S. Savings Bonds as a custodian for Georgia citizens.  While the judicial process is ongoing, the Department suggests you visit the U.S. Treasury’s website at https://www.treasurydirect.gov/ to search for unclaimed U.S. Savings Bonds.

  • How does property become "unclaimed?"

    Property becomes abandoned when an entity has held the property for an apparent owner and has not had any contact with the owner for a specific period time as set by statute.  All private companies (including banks and insurance companies) as well as all Governmental Agencies have a duty to report abandoned property.  Once the property is reported to the Unclaimed Property Program it becomes “unclaimed property”. 

  • What if I believe I have unclaimed real estate?

    The Unclaimed Property Program does not serve as custodian over real estate. You can call the tax commissioner in the county where the parcel is located to obtain information about land ownership.

  • Where can I find out information about Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan information?

    To obtain additional information regarding refunds on FHA loans, please call the Federal Information Center at 1-800-225-5342.

  • Are holders required to file negative reports?

    Yes. Holders are required to file negative reports.

  • Are holders required to file information electronically?

    Holders remitting 25 properties or more are required to file electronically.  The State of Georgia has adopted the NAUPA standard for electronic filing. A free program to create the NAUPA files can be found at http://www.wagers.net/hrs/index.php.

  • Where can I upload Holder Reports and make electronic payments?

    Georgia’s online module is a secure site for holders to submit electronic files and make payments. First-time users will need to register.  Please click the link below:


  • Is there a limit to the fees locators can charge for recovery assistance?

    Yes, fees charged to assist in the recovery of an unclaimed account cannot exceed 10%.

  • Does the Unclaimed Property Program have a Voluntary Disclosure Program?

    Yes, please send an email to [email protected] requesting details of our Voluntary Disclosure Program.

  • What happens if I do not provide a brokerage account number with my claim?

    This will delay your claim. You will be required to open an account. When we receive a valid account, we will transfer your stock into the brokerage account.

  • Do you accept Manual Holder Reports?

    We encourage you to file your reports online at https://gareporting.unclaimedproperty.com/ . However, if you have less than 25 properties, you can send a completed Holder Report Form along with a check to:

    Georgia Department of Revenue
    Unclaimed Property Program
    4125 Welcome All Rd Suite 701
    Atlanta, GA 30349"

    Manual report forms can be found at: https://dor.georgia.gov/holder-reporting

  • Who is required to file an unclaimed property report?

    The Unclaimed Property Act applies to both for-profit and non-profit businesses as well as governmental entities. Holders incorporated in Georgia must report to this state any unclaimed property of owners having a Georgia address, or an incomplete, unknown, or foreign address. Holders not incorporated in Georgia must remit unclaimed property belonging to an owner having a Georgia address.

  • How do I remit securities?

    Register all securities to:

    Georgia Revenue Commissioner
    Tax ID: 58-6002015


    Securities must be electronically transferred to Georgia’s custodial account. Use the following information when making this transfer:

    CUSTODIAN - Wells Fargo Advisors
    DTC NUMBER – 0141


    Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC
    FBO State of Georgia
    Bin #77371939
    2801 Market Street
    St. Louis, Mo. 63103

    Tax ID: 23-2384840
    Branch: 00180
    DTC: 0141
    REP# 0018007

  • What is the Safe Deposit Box delivery schedule?
  • May I report property for owners with a Georgia address to another state?

    Property should be reported to the state of the last known address of the owner.  Georgia allows for Reciprocal Reporting (reporting to a state other than the state of the last known address) only for insignificant property.  Insignificant property is defined as less than ten accounts totaling less than $1000.  We prefer for you to report property directly to the Georgia Unclaimed Property Program.