Tobacco Retailers - FAQ

  • How do tobacco retailers initially add access to their Tobacco Tax accounts in GTC?

    All retail tobacco/vape licenses should have a tobacco/vape tax account added before the license is picked up or mailed out; in the event the retailer is required to pay the excise taxes.

    Read How to File an ATT-67 Report of Non-Tax Paid Tobacco and Vapor Products on GTC

  • Do tobacco retailers need to submit form ATT-67 once they have added access to their tobacco tax account in GTC?

    Yes, per regulation 560-8-2-.02, retailers are required to submit this form within 24 hours of receipt of any non-tax paid tobacco.

  • Are tobacco retailers required to submit monthly returns?

    Tobacco retailers are required to file a return if they have purchased and received non-tax paid tobacco/vape products within the filing period.

  • Do retailers need to file zero returns?

    No, retailers do not need to file a zero return.  Only Wholesalers/Distributors and Manufactures/Importers must submit a zero return.

  • How do retailers complete a tobacco tax return in GTC?

    Yes, retailers complete a tobacco and vapor tax return through Georgia Tax Center. For directions on how to file that return please see How to File a Retail Tobacco and Vapor Excise Return.