Tobacco Excise Tax - FAQ

  • What is the due date for the tobacco excise tax returns?

    Returns are due the 10th of each month, unless the 10th falls on a weekend or a state of Georgia holiday, in which case it is due on the next business day.

  • Where do I submit the tobacco/vape excise tax return?

    Please use the Georgia Tax Center at to submit tobacco/vape excise tax return. You can register as a new user by clicking “Sign up for online access” or use your existing login to add access to your "tobacco/vape tax" account.

  • If I have no activity am I still required to submit a return?

    Tobacco Wholesalers/Distributors and Manufacturers/Importers must submit a return even if it is a zero return.

    Retailers do not have to file a zero return.

  • Can I import the tobacco tax return?

    Yes, you can import the template during filing the return in Georgia Tax Center. The template can be located at Tobacco Tax Import