Tobacco Excise Tax - FAQ

  • Am I required to submit the cigar, little cigar, loose and smokeless excise tax return electronically?

    Yes, as of September 2012 paper returns are no longer being accepted. The Department will mail you back the return which may result in a late filing penalty for your business.

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  • What is the due date for the tobacco excise tax returns?

    Returns are due the 10th of each month, unless the 10th falls on a weekend or a state of Georgia holiday, in which case it is due on the next business day.

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  • Where do I submit the tobacco/vape excise tax return?

    Please use the Georgia Tax Center at to submit tobacco/vape excise tax return. You can register as a new user by clicking “Sign up of online access” or use your existing login to add access to your "tobacco/vape tax" account.

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  • The Cigarette and Tobacco returns were separate forms now there is one Tobacco Tax return in GTC. How do I complete the returns now?

    The “Cigarette Report” and wholesalers “Other Tobacco report” are now combined. If you have no activity for cigarettes or stamps, leave those screens (or sections) blank, and proceed to the “Other Tobacco” report screen.

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  • If I have no activity am I still required to submit a return?

    Tobacco Wholesalers/Distributors and Manufacturers/Importers must submit a return even if it is a zero return.

    Retailers do not have to file a zero return.

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  • Can I import the tobacco tax return?

    Yes, you can import the template to the Georgia Tax Center.

    Under ‘Import Return’ and ‘Would you like to import your return from a spreadsheet?’ click Yes and you will have access to download the Import Template.

    Once you download the template, answer the two questions on the ‘Information tab’ and then complete the other appropriate tabs.

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