Tax Operations

Includes Audits, Compliance, Tax Policy and Taxpayer Services and Processing Divisions.


The Audits Division verifies the accuracy of tax returns & refund claims filed within the state and ensures that our collections and distribution activities are accurate and executed according to the law. Audits also provides taxpayer education and assists taxpayers with specific questions they may have regarding how they conduct business. These functions help generate millions of dollars in annual revenue to the state.

  • Common jobs: Auditor, Out-of-state Auditor


The Compliance Division’s mission is to educate and assist taxpayers to encourage and maintain voluntary compliance with the tax laws of the State of Georgia. Most of the division’s employees are in collections.  They provide excellent customer service related to collection matters with business and individual taxes, as well as process bankruptcy claims and offers-in-compromise. Enforced collections are used when necessary. The division also has three specialty teams that perform activities which require unique interactions with outside agencies, employers, tax professionals and/or financial institutions to support the division’s voluntary compliance goals. The Compliance Division provides in-person and telephone assistance at our agency headquarters at Century Center (North Metro Atlanta), our Southmeadow facility (South Metro Atlanta), and 9 other regional offices around the state (Albany, Athens, Augusta, Cartersville, Columbus, Douglas, Gainesville, Macon, and Savannah).

  • Common jobs: Revenue Agent, Income Tax Compliance Specialist

Taxpayer Services & Processing Division

The Taxpayer Services and Processing Division (TSD) processes payments, returns, refunds, and administers applicable tax credits. This division also houses the Taxpayer Resolution Unit and other support services including those provided directly to individuals, businesses, and tax professionals through the provision of call center services, educational seminars, and training programs. Additionally, the division maintains all tax forms and manages the tax software certification program. These services are provided to taxpayers and other stakeholders via telephone, online, and in-person resources from our North and South Metro Atlanta headquarters.

  • Common jobs: Customer Service Representative, Help Desk Analyst, Tax Examiner, Call Monitor, Business Analyst

Office of Tax Policy

The Office of Tax Policy (OTP) develops and supports the implementation of tax policies and programs. Tax Policy is responsible for analyzing and implementing tax legislation, drafting & revising regulations and other external tax policy guidance, facilitating protest conferences, drafting conference rulings and letter rulings, and providing tax policy guidance to the State Revenue Commissioner and the agency’s other Divisions.

  • Common jobs: Attorney, Legal Analysis Specialist, Legal Secretary