Tax Examiner

At the Department of Revenue, the Tax Examiner role truly serves as a foot in the door to learning various skills, operating systems, and laws/regulations that may open up paths to various career development opportunities across the agency.

In our Taxpayer Services Division, Tax Examiners learn a multitude of tax types to provide assistance with the filing, examination, and processing of tax returns (and refunds). They provide service to individuals and businesses alike across such tax matters as individual, corporate, sales & use, withholding, tax credits & incentives, and motor fuel, just to name a few! When an escalated level of service is needed, our advanced examiners provide assistance to tax practitioners, CPAs, and may even assist with tax protests.

In our Motor Vehicle Division, Tax Examiners assist with title & vehicle registrations for individuals, as well as corporate & fleet accounts, and commercial vehicles.

In our Alcohol & Tobacco Division, they assist with registration, licensing and auditing of alcohol and tobacco manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, brokers, and retailers.

All Tax Examiners are trained to work in multiple information/database systems which allow them to develop technical skills, as well as skills in research & analysis.  Such exposure can lead to opportunities to participate in special projects such as system testing & upgrading, which is often a launch point for future opportunities as a Business Analyst.

Our entry-level positions typically require a related associate’s degree or at least one year of related experience.

Entry-level roles start at $38,200

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