Specialty License Plate Process for Sponsors

Any sponsor interested in requesting the manufacture of specialty tags commemorating an Association, Group, Institution, or Organization, should review the following information prior to proceeding with the specialty license plate process:

Type of Specialty License Plates

Non-revenue sharing license plates can be applied for by sponsors who are not eligible for revenue sharing (i.e., not an in-state college or have not had a bill passed authorizing revenue share).

Revenue sharing license plates can only be applied for by in-state Georgia colleges or sponsors who have a legislative bill passed. This type of specialty plate allows for a portion of the revenue generated from the registration and renewal to be shared with a valid non-profit organization which sponsors the plate.

If interested in applying for a revenue sharing license plate, contact a Representative or Senator of the Georgia General Assembly to have a bill introduced on behalf of the organization in order to qualify for a revenue sharing specialty plate.

High Level Approval Process 

  1. Mail letter of intent to the Motor Vehicle Division.
  2. Obtain legislative approval (Revenue sharing plates only).
  3. Submit required forms, legal documents and agreements. 
  4. Receive a letter of approval from the Department.
  5. Approve electronic proof and plate samples.
  6. Submit 1,000 applications and/or manufacturing fee within two (2) years after date of approval from the Department. 
  7. Receive notification and instructions on how to pick up license plate. 

All documents should be mailed to:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Sponsor Plate Coordinator
P. O. Box 740381
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0381