Revenue Agents

Revenue Agents contribute to our mission of educating and assisting taxpayers in achieving and maintaining voluntary compliance with the tax laws of the State of Georgia. Working with individuals or business entities, Revenue Agents are equally committed to providing services which bring our stakeholders back into compliance via options such as offers in compromise, bankruptcy, or payment plans (etc.).

Revenue Agents provide service by phone and in-person and are responsible for collecting millions of dollars annually which are deposited into the State Treasury to fund multiple programs & projects that benefit Georgia’s citizens. Revenue Agents work out of 11 regional offices, with hybrid work schedules available.

We provide training and skill development opportunities so you can feel comfortable providing great service to our taxpayers in their time of need. We also provide clear career advancement goals to help you navigate our growth opportunities, whether they be within the Department of Revenue’s Tax Operations or across the agency.

Entry-level roles start at $39,000

Entry-level requirements (one of the following):

  • 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours of study from an accredited college or university
  • One year of related experience

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