Register a Business - Quick Instructions

Questions about Registering a Georgia Business?  Find out what you need to know before you begin registration. 

  1. Go to the Georgia Tax Center
  2. Under Registration, click Register a New Georgia Business
  3. Select the Business Type
  4. Complete the required fields and click Next
  5. Complete the information for your business
  6. Click Verify your address to confirm that this is the address for your business
  7. If needed, click Select next to the correct address and click Next
  8. Select the accounts you are registering and click Next
  9. Complete the required information.  Answer the questions regarding your account by clicking the Yes/No boxes. Click Next
  10. Enter your NAICS code and click Next
  11. Click Add a Record to add your officers or responsible parties (you must have at least 1)
  12. Complete the required information for each and click Next
  13. Complete the required fields to create a logon for GTC.  Click Next
  14. Select Authentication Options for your account (Text, Email or Both).  Click Next
  15. Review your information and click Submit
  16. Click Yes to confirm that you want to submit the request
  17. You will see a confirmation page, write down number or print for your record. Once the registration is processed you will receive an email from “No Reply” with Login information for GTC and new Georgia Tax Identification Number(s)
  18. Click OK

More Questions? See the detailed instructions Register a New Business or watch the Register a New Business video