Property Tax Forms Order for Large Quantity

Procedure for Ordering Property Tax Forms

Orders for forms should be faxed to GCI Print Services at 404-657-5786. GCI will bill your firm/court/county for your order.

The procedures is as follows:

  1. Download order form
    The form can be downloaded from the Department of Revenue, Local Government Services Division web page. 
  2. Include physical address
    Be sure to include with your request the name of your firm/court/county, your physical address and the quantity of forms needed.  NO POST OFFICE BOX ADDRESSES PLEASE!!
  3. Order form must be faxed
    The order form is to be completed and faxed to GCI Print Services at 404-657-5786.  Please note that the order form is designed for multiple use.  Make sure that you are requesting the appropriate forms.
  4. Place orders for the year
    Forms will be shipped by common carrier or GCI vehicles rather than through the Postal Service.  It is suggested that orders be placed for the amount of your anticipated needs for the year.  This will eliminate the need for ordering forms every week or month and will prevent unnecessary delays in receipt of forms.  Orders must be placed before supplies are exhausted.  Plan ahead to assure that you do not run out of forms.
  5. Allow 7-10 days
    No requests for forms can be accepted by phone.  All requests must be faxed. Allow at least 7-10 days for receipt of forms.