Pending Suspension of Vehicle Registration Letter

Do you have questions about this letter? Not sure what it means?

By law, motor vehicle owners must maintain Liability Insurance for their registered vehicles.

If you received this letter, then your insurance coverage has lapsed. You now have a fine due of $25.00 for failure to maintain continuous liability insurance coverage.

What do I need to do?

You must pay the $25 fine AND maintain liability insurance coverage.

How do I pay the fine?

You can:

  • Pay the fine online using DRIVES e-Service.  You will need your license plate number or VIN number AND Driver’s License number or Letter ID (Letter IDs may be found on any letter sent to you regarding your vehicle.

  • Go to your local County Tag Office and pay the fine in-person.

  • Mail a Check or Money Order (payable to the “Department of Revenue”) for the total amount due. Please use the coupon included in your letter. Mailed payments take longer to process.

What if I am not using this vehicle?

If you:

  • No longer own or traded the vehicle to a dealer
  • You relocated and registered the vehicle in another state
  • The vehicle has been totaled in an accident (and reported to your insurance company)
  • You are in the military and the vehicle is being stored while you are deployed

Then, cancel registration using DRIVES e-Services or complete the form MV-18J (included with your letter or download it).  You can mail it back to the MVD or take it to your local County Tag office.

What if I don't think this applies to me?

Contact your Insurance Company immediately. They must send insurance coverage for the dates shown as lapsed, if you were covered during the dates on your letter.  Check your updated insurance status online.  The website only provides current insurance status.

What if I ignore the letter?

  • Your vehicle registration will be suspended.
  • You will not be allowed to renew your registration or register another vehicle
  • You will have an additional reinstatement fine of $60.

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