Owner Keeps Wreck/Salvage Vehicle

Owner’s Responsibilities

When the vehicle requires a Georgia title, the owner must provide the insurance company with the following before receiving payment in settlement of a “total loss” claim:

Vehicle owners have 30 days from the date of settlement to obtain the vehicle’s title and to apply for a salvage title in their name.

Insurance Company’s Responsibilities

For vehicles requiring a Georgia title, the insurance company must apply for a salvage title in vehicle owner’s name when the owner retains the salvage vehicle by submitting the following to the MVD Salvage Unit:

  1. Completed and signed Form MV-1S Salvage Title Application.
  2. Original valid vehicle title, if available.
  3. Manufacturer’s certificate of origin or registration/tag receipt from a non-titled state or country issued in the vehicle owner’s name or properly assigned to the vehicle owner.
  4. Completed and signed Form T-4 Lien or Security Interest Release.
  5. Completed and signed Form T-56 Notice to Owner – Payment of a Total Loss Claim.
  6. Vehicle’s Georgia license plate.
  7. Registration (renewal) receipt.
  8. Completed and signed Form T-158 Report of and/or Surrender of GA License Plate.
  9. $18.00 title fee.

Submit to:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Salvage Unit
P. O. Box 740384
Atlanta, GA 30374-0384