Online Tag Renewal - FAQ

License plates can be renewed online using DRIVES e-Services, at a Self-Serve Kiosk (if your county participates) or at your County Tag Office.  

  • How does vehicle emission inspection work?

    If you live in one of the metro Atlanta counties, you are required to have your vehicle emissions inspected before renewing your tag.

    Once your vehicle passes emissions inspection, you can renew online using DRIVES e-Services or a MVD self-serve kiosk. If you renew by mail, be sure to enclose your Georgia Emissions Inspection Certificate. If renewing in person you will have to show your Georgia Emissions Inspection Certificate. 

    If your vehicle passed emissions inspection and you are unable to renew online or at a kiosk, you should contact your county tag office for further instruction.  

    For emissions waiver information please visit

  • When can I renew my vehicle registration online?

    You can renew 90 days before your registration expiration.  If you renew after the expiration date, late penalties will be added to the total amount due.

  • What form of payment may I use to renew my registration online?

    Most counties accept debit and credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover) however you should check with your county tag office for other accepted forms of payment.

  • What does the processing fee cover?

    The online convenience fee covers the cost of processing your renewal and the service charge that your county's tag office incurs in processing your credit card transaction.

  • Will I get proof that I have registered my vehicle online?

    You will receive payment confirmation via email. You should receive your registration decal and/or plate (if a new plate is requested) through the mail within 5-10 business days.

  • What advantages will renewing my vehicle's registration online give me over renewing in person or by mail?

    Renewing your registration online offers more convenience and security than you would have from either going to your local tag office or depending on the mail. DRIVES e-Services gives you the ability to verify the accuracy of the data and increases your protection against fraud and theft.