Non-Retail Tobacco Renewal

All applicants for annual renewal of licenses, other than retail licenses, must file an annual bond or have a multi-year bond on file with the Department that extends, at least, through the end of the calendar year for which renewal is sought. Bonds must meet the same conditions as those filed with the initial application.

Required Documents

  • Scanned copy of the Surety Bond and Power of Attorney from the Insurance Company (Wholesale/ Distributors ONLY). Manufacturer licenses does not require a bond

How to Submit Surety Bond

  • Click the Tobacco License Number
  • Click  “Submit Bond” in the "I Want To" section
  • Enter insurance company and bond information
  • Attach a scanned copy of the bond by clicking on “Attach a copy of your bond” link
  • View and ensure the bond has been successfully attached
  • Click “Submit”
  • Confirmation number is received for the bond submission
  • The bond is immediately updated in the system. Go back to the home screen and stay logged in to file the license renewal

How to Complete Non-Retail Tobacco Renewal

  • Click the tobacco license number
  • Click the link “File Renewal” for the period for the upcoming year
  • Answer the question regarding arrests in the previous 12 months
  • Select the option “Pickup License” to pick up the license at the Century Center location if desired
  • Verify account information
  • Click “Next”, then “Submit”
  • Answer “Yes” if ready to submit
  • Confirmation number will be displayed for the renewal submission
  • From the confirmation page, click “Make a Payment”
  • Make a payment through ACH Debit or Credit Card
  • Confirmation number is provided for the payment

Georgia law requires that anyone registering for or holding an Alcohol License or Permit must submit a Citizenship Affidavit and Secure and Verifiable Document. If the individual signing the Affidavit is not a U.S. citizen, the Affidavit and Secure and Verifiable Document must be submitted annually when renewing the License or Permit.  The Secure and Verifiable document for  Non-U.S. citizens must be the document used to show your residency status.