MVD Self-Service Tag Kiosk - FAQ

  • What can I do at a kiosk?

    You can renew eligible vehicle tags and pay insurance fines at any kiosk in Georgia if you live in a participating county.

  • Where are the self-service tag kiosks?
  • Why would I use a kiosk?

    Your documents renew and print instantly anytime. No need to take off work or drive to your County Tag Office.

    Does it really only take 60 seconds?

    Yes, as long as your records are current. Scanning, transaction selections, payment, and print generally take less than 60 seconds. Even manual entry usually takes no more than 2 minutes.

    Watch a video to see how fast you can renew!

  • What are the payment options?

    All kiosks accept AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit and debit cards. Some kiosks also accept cash.

  • What does the convenience fee cover?

    The convenience fee covers the service and processing charge incurred for your transaction at the kiosk.

  • Can I use a kiosk in a county other than the one I live in? Are the requirements the same?

    Yes, if you reside in a county that is participating in the kiosk program. 

    Regardless of the kiosk location where you renew, your requirements (i.e. emissions) remain the same based on the county you live in. 

  • What is a participating county?

    A participating county allows residents to use the kiosk system even if they do not have a kiosk in their county.  You can go to a county that does have a kiosk.

    For example: If you live in Fayette county (no kiosk location but is a participating county), you can use any MVD self-service kiosk located in the state. If you reside in Fulton county (kiosk locations available), you can use any MVD self-service kiosk located in the state.

  • What information do I need to use a kiosk?
    • Your vehicle(s) must be registered in a participating county.
    • You must have a valid Georgia State driver’s license.
    • Your address must be correct on your renewal notice.
    • You must have proof of liability insurance on file (if applicable).
    • You must have a Vehicle Emission Inspection on file (if applicable).