Training Programs - FAQ

  • Who has access to the portal?

    The portal is an “invite only” website. County officials, hearing officers, city officials, and vendors are given access through the Georgia Certification Program upon notice of hire or appointment from the county. This portal is available to those the law requires the Department of Revenue to train through the Georgia Certification Program.

  • Who has access to register other employees on their staff in the portal?

    Each office should have someone in the MANAGER role in the GCP Portal (Chief Appraiser, Clerk of Superior Court, or Tax Commissioner). In this role they have access to all employee training records and register those in their office for training. 

    Most offices will also have someone in the COORDINATOR role.  In this role they can see a list of employees in their office and have access to register them for classes. Coordinators will only be able to register, cancel and pay for other coworkers. They will not see their grades.

    GCP Training Coordinators will set these roles upon Manager request by email.

    Anyone who has access to the portal may register, cancel and pay for any class they want to attend. Some county offices require registrations be approved.

  • How do I register someone for classes?

    Registration is done through the GCP Portal:

    GCP Training Coordinators will walk you through the process if needed.

    To register for GATO, ONLINE TRAINING or any other training through the University of Georgia go to: You may also link directly to each training page from the portal.

  • How do I know if a BOE member is eligible to serve?

    BOE members are appointed by the Grand Jury. They serve 3-year terms January 1 to December 31.

    If they are appointed to fill an unexpired term, their term will begin at their appointment by the Grand Jury and end on the date the previous member’s term ends. It is not extended or changed.

    Members must take 40 hours training in the first calendar year of their appointment before they serve.

    Members must take 8 hours training every year after that until reappointment.

  • What are the training requirements for Hearing Officers?

    Hearing Officers are required 8 hours training before serving as a Hearing Officer. They must take 4 hours annually each calendar year to maintain their education requirements.

  • Are Tax Commissioners required to receive training to serve?

    Tax Commissioners receive 40 hours training prior to taking office. They must take 15 hours training annually each calendar year.

  • Do county vendors have to attend training?

    They are required to attend 4 hours training annually. They are eligible to attend the training offered by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

  • How do I add a newly appointed Assessor to the GCP portal?

    Email documentation to [email protected]

    1. Oath
    2. Signed affidavit of age, residency and high school education
    3. Resolution or signed minutes giving their term start date and end date

    The GCP Training Coordinators will add them to the training system to display in the portal. They will also verify their documents and email their assessor certificate of appointment upon receiving all documents.

  • How do I have a person show in the portal that was previously employed in another county and is now employed in my county?

    Their records stay in our training system forever. Once they are hired on your staff email  [email protected] with the person’s name, start date with current county and the end date and county name of the previous county. A GCP Training Coordinator will update their records so they will be visible on your portal account.  

  • What is the process to have a new employee show in the portal so I can register them for training?

    Email their name, position, start date and email to [email protected]. A GCP Training Coordinator will add them to the system so you can see them in the portal. They will also be given access to the portal

  • How do I add a newly appointed BOE member to the GCP portal?

    Email [email protected] with the member’s name, term dates, who they replaced and when that person came off the board.

  • How do I make a payment for GCP Training?

    Payment can be made by check, credit card, or by using available credit (payments that are made for a class that is later cancelled will be credit to the county office to be used for the next registration they choose to pay). 

    When paying by check, make check payable to Georgia Certification Program and put in attention to LaTurah Blocker

    The GCP Training Coordinators will walk you through the process of creating an invoice and making a payment if needed. 

  • Who do I contact about a missing payment by check?

    Email [email protected]. State the name of the person and class they are registered to attend. Include the check number and when it was issued. A GCP Training Coordinator will research and reply to you with the status.

  • Who do I contact for issues with a credit card payment?

    The Department of Revenue LGS uses ACI for credit card payments. For payment issues, email [email protected] or call 1-800-487-4567.  Visit their website for more information at

    If a credit card payment was initiated, but not completed, the payment invoice will be cancelled at midnight. The payment can be processed the next day.

  • Why is the registration fee for a cancelled registration showing past due?

    Class cancellations must be made at least 7 days before the class start date. If the cancellation is within 6 days of the class start date fees are due unless there is a medical emergency.

    Contact a GCP coordinator at [email protected] to see what documentation is necessary if there has been a medical emergency.

  • Why can’t I see my grade from last week’s class?

    The GCP process for entering grades can take up to two weeks though it seldom takes that long. 

    You will receive notification from the Georgia Department of Revenue Portal by email when grades have been posted. 

    Grades or training hours for conferences may take weeks longer to be posted. The hosting entity must compile their own reports and apply the attendance records in their system before submitting the rosters and credit forms to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

  • Why does the portal show my grade as hold certificate?

    The payment for your registration has not been received.  If the payment was mailed prior to the class, email the Georgia Certification Program at [email protected]. Include the check number and the date the check was issued. The GCP Training coordinator will research and reply.

  • Who can help me with access to the portal?

    Email the Georgia Certification Program at [email protected]. Include your name, email address, county name and the date you started working with that county. A GCP Training Coordinator will set up your access. You will receive an email from the Georgia Department of Revenue Portal to activate your account.

  • Who is eligible to attend Georgia Department of Revenue classes for GREAB credit?

    Anyone can attend any of the classes offered by the Georgia Certification Program. If you are a Real Estate Appraiser or Salesperson registered through GREAB you can receive 14-hour CEU by attending the classes approved through GREAB for credit.

  • What GCP classes are approved by GREAB?

    The following GCP courses are approved by GREAB:

    40-Hour Classes

    • Course I: Certification for Assessors  
    • Course IA: Assessment Fundamentals for Appraisers
    • Course IIA: The Income Approach to Value
    • Course III: The Valuation of Personal Property
    • Course IVA: The Valuation of Urban Land
    • Course IVB: The Valuation of Rural Land
    • Course V: The Cost Approach to Value
    • Course VI: Management Development Program for Assessors and Appraisers
    • Advanced Specialized Assessments

    20-Hour Classes

    • APM / Digest Review Procedures
    • Appeals Procedure Workshop
    • Course IIB: Application of Income Approach
    • Course VI: Appraiser Management Development
    • Deed Fundamentals
    • Deed Research and Sales Qualification
    • Exempt Properties Workshop
    • Georgia Assessment Administration
    • Review of Income Approach to Value
    • Specialized Assessments Workshop

    GREAB members may also receive 4 hours continuing education credit for attending the Hearing Officer Annual Update course. This course is scheduled annually late in the year. Location and Date are determined at that time.

  • What is the cost for these classes?

    The cost for our classes is the same for everyone. The 40-hour courses are $100.00. The 20-hour courses are $50.00.

  • What do I need to bring to class?

    Participants should download and print the training materials from the portal to bring to class. Bring a pen/pencil and calculator to any of the classes offered.


  • What do I need to do to receive GREAB credit after attending GCP training?

    Complete the Credit Form at the end of the class – including the following line:

    Georgia Real Estate and Appraiser Board

    Appraiser #_________________________
    Salesperson #________________________

  • When can I expect to see these credit hours posted to GREAB?

    We post GREAB credit two weeks after the class.  Please contact the Georgia Certification Program at  [email protected] if your hours haven’t been posted after two weeks.