Summary of Ad Valorem Taxes Levied in Georgia Counties

The links below are reports that show the ad valorem taxes that were levied by local counties, schools and cities for the indicated tax year. The property taxes 'levied' means the taxes charged against taxable property in this state. Some of the taxes levied may not be collected for various reasons (assessment errors, insolvency, bankruptcy, etc.).

Totals are shown for each type property in the state (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.) and for each levying authority (state, county, school, cities). The list also shows total taxes levied to retire bonded debt. The abbreviation "M&O" stands for "Maintenance and Operations". Since this information is frequently requested for each county, the totals levied on property in the incorporated area (within cities) and in the unincorporated area (outside of cities) are shown separately.  

Historical reports