Digest Compliance Section

The Digest Compliance Section is a support agency for local county tax assessors, appraisers, and tax commissioners. 

2019 County Tax Digest Submission Package

2019 Table of Conservation Use Land Values

2019 Table of Forest Land Protection Act Land Use Values

Appraisal Procedures Manual

Property Tax Administration Annual Report

Property Tax Millage Rates

Review of County Digests

Rollback of Millage Rate When Digest Value Increased by Reassessment

Summary of Ad Valorem Taxes Levied in Georgia Counties

Tables of Owner Harvest Timber Values

Tax Digest Consolidated Summaries

Digest Compliance has the following responsibilities:

  • Provides technical and administrative support to counties for property tax purposes
  • Reviews ad valorem property tax digests submitted by the counties each year
  • Audits county tax commissioners to determine if there has been a proper accounting for the property taxes collected by the county tax commissioners for the state of Georgia
  • Provides cost effective computer mass appraisal system to local county tax assessors

Property Tax

 If you are looking for information about property taxes in your county, check out this page.

Contact Your County Tax Officials

The Department of Revenue is not involved in the process of mailing your property tax bill or making decisions on your property tax appeal. You must contact your local county tax officials.

For more information about Digest Compliance contact:

Georgia Department of Revenue
Digest Compliance Section
4125 Welcome All Road, Suite 701
Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Hours:  8:00 - 4:30

Phone:  (404)724-7000

Email:  Local.Government.Services@dor.ga.gov