IT-WH Electronic Request through the Georgia Tax Center

What you need to know

The Form IT-WH Notice of Intent must be filed through the Georgia Tax Center for tax year beginning on or after January 1, 2017.  Paper filing of this form will no longer be allowed. Please visit the Georgia Tax Center. 

A copy of the bulletin is available Download this pdf file. here .

What you need to do

  • Use the Georgia Tax Center (GTC), the Department’s secure electronic self-service portal, to manage your taxes online.
  • Sign up for GTC if you do not have an account by clicking Don’t have a logon? Register here
    • A corporate account is required because the request is accessed from the corporate account level
    • The withholding account must be valid and in compliance with filing requirements
      • No missing returns and no outstanding liabilities

What information do I need to provide?

  • Legal name, location, and mailing address of your business
  • Federal Identification Number (if applicable)
  • Georgia tax account number (if it is an existing business)
  • Name and address of owners, partners, or officers
  • Social Security Number(s) of owners, partners, or officers
  • Email address (if available)

If you experience any difficulties completing the process contact the Taxpayer Services Division at 877-423-6711