Insurance Letters FAQ's

Common questions about Insurance letters sent by the Motor Vehicle Division.

  • Why did I receive a pending suspension letter?

    A letter is sent when a vehicle, with a current registration, has “no valid insurance” for 10 or more consecutive days in the Georgia Motor Vehicle database.

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  • I sold my vehicle but still got a pending suspension letter? What does this mean and how do I fix it?

    Georgia law requires you to cancel your vehicle registration within 30 days of canceling your insurance. If you do not cancel the vehicle registration, a letter is sent even if you sold the vehicle.        

    You can cancel your registration online using DRIVES e-Services. You can also contact or visit your local County Tag Office.  Learn more about canceling a registration.

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  • My vehicle was a total loss in an accident and I received a pending registration suspension letter. What do I do now?

    Georgia law requires you to cancel your vehicle registration within 30 days of canceling your insurance even if your vehicle was a total loss.

    You can make the payment and cancel your vehicle registration online using DRIVES e-Services by the required date on the letter.

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  • I no longer live in Georgia and I got a pending suspension letter. Why and what should I do?

    You are still required to pay the fine since the car was registered in Georgia. You are required to maintain Georgia liability insurance coverage if you have a Georgia registration.

    You need to pay the fine, cancel your vehicle registration and get your vehicle registered in your new state by the deadline date on the letter. You can pay the fine and cancel your registration online using DRIVES e-Services.

    If the vehicle was registered in your new state of residence prior to the cancellation of your Georgia insurance policy, complete the MV-18J Registration Cancellation form and provide proof that your vehicle was registered in the new state to your local County Tag Office.

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  • I have insurance on my vehicle, but I received a pending suspension letter that says I have no insurance coverage?

    There are only a few reasons why there would be no insurance record on the Georgia motor vehicle database:

    1. The vehicle does not have valid Georgia insurance
    2. The VIN on the insurance card does not match the VIN on the state’s motor vehicle database
    3. The vehicle is insured under a fleet policy
    4. The vehicle is not insured

    Please verify which of the reasons apply by contacting your insurance company. Your local County Tag Office cannot update your insurance record. Only your insurance company can submit insurance information electronically to the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS).

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  • How do I provide my insurance information?

    Your insurance information must be sent electronically by your insurance company except in the instance of a fleet policy. Fleet policy cards must be presented to your local County Tag Office.

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  • How does my insurance company send my insurance information electronically?

    Insurance companies must send insurance information electronically in one of two ways:

    1. File transfer protocol (FTP)
    2. Secure web portal
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  • Why did I receive a vehicle registration suspension letter?

    A previous letter was mailed indicating there was a lapse in insurance of at least 10 consecutive days. You had 30 days from the date of the letter to pay the fine and get insurance or pay the fine and cancel your vehicle registration. This failure to follow either option, led to your vehicle registration being suspended.

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  • How do I pay the pending registration suspension or vehicle registration suspension fine?

    You have the following payment options including:

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  • I don’t think I should have to pay the insurance fine. Who do I call to dispute the insurance fine?

    Contact your local County Tag Office after speaking to your insurance company to confirm your insurance was valid.

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  • How do I know if my insurance is displayed or is correct in Georgia’s motor vehicle database?

    Check your insurance status online

    If you have any questions about the status of your insurance contact your insurance company.

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  • I made my payment online, but my registration is still suspended?

    Please verify that you have valid insurance coverage in the state’s database by checking your insurance status online.

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