Individual Electronic Filing - FAQ

  • When is electronic filing required?

    Taxpayers that remit payments by electronic funds transfer, whether on a mandatory or voluntary basis, must file all associated returns electronically. A return preparer must electronically file the return, when the federal counterpart of such return is required to be filed electronically pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or Internal Revenue Service regulations. Also beginning with 2017 returns, a return is required to be electronically filed if the return generates, allocates, claims, utilizes, or includes in any manner a series 100 credit.

  • Is there a way to file electronically through the Department of Revenue website without using a paid preparer?

    Many tax forms are available to complete online but must be printed and mailed to the address listed on the forms. Completing the form online helps reduce errors and will speed up processing compared to handwritten returns.

    The Department of Revenue currently does not provide a way to file income tax returns electronically through its website or the Georgia Tax Center.

  • What is electronic filing or e-filing?

    E-filing lets you electronically transfer your tax return directly from your computer to the IRS and the Department of Revenue.

  • Is there a charge for filing electronically?

    Georgia does not impose a fee for electronic filing. However, there could be fees associated with the tax software or tax practitioner that you use.

    There are companies that offer free electronic filing to qualified taxpayers. Learn more about Free File Alliance.

  • I lived in Georgia for half of the year. Can I file my return electronically?

    Yes, Georgia offers electronic filing for full year, part-year, and non-resident returns.

  • Can I electronically file an amended return?

    Yes, you can file an individual amended return electronically.

  • As a tax practitioner, what are the procedures for being accepted as a participant for Georgia electronic filing?

    There is no separate application or registration process. You can only participate in Georgia electronic filing if you are approved by the IRS to file electronically.

  • If I file my return electronically, do I have to mail anything to the State of Georgia?

    After e-filing your return, you may mail payments for any balance due to the Department of Revenue using Form 525-TV. Otherwise, retain your W-2’s, W-2G’s, 1099R’s, IND-CR schedules, and any other state returns, schedules, and statements, if applicable.

  • Do I need to mail a copy of my Federal forms when I file my Georgia return electronically?

    No, your Federal information will also be transmitted electronically with your Georgia return.

  • Does Georgia accept prior year returns to be transmitted electronically?

    Yes, you can electronically file returns for up to two years prior to the current tax year.

  • I would like to have my refund directly deposited into my account. What forms do I need to complete for this?

    You can receive your refund by direct deposit if you are filing electronically. There is no separate form required for this. There should be an option in your tax preparation software to do this.

  • Does Georgia accept state only returns?

    Yes, Georgia accepts state only returns. Please refer to your software provider for instructions on how to transmit a state only return.

  • How do I electronically make a payment?

    You can make payments outside of a Georgia Tax Center (“GTC”) logon or by logging into your GTC account.

    Also, taxpayers can give their bank information on the electronic return which will allow the Department of Revenue to debit the specified amount directly from their account.