Get your 1099-G and 1099-INT Forms

1099-G for Itemized Deductions and 1099-INT for Non-Incorporated Businesses will no longer be mailed

For Individuals, the 1099-G will no longer be mailed. Taxpayers now can search for their 1099-G and 1099-INT on the Georgia Tax Center by selecting the "View your form 1099-G or 1099-INT" link under Individuals. (This 1099-G form is for taxpayers who itemized deductions and received a refund, credit or offset).

For Businesses, the 1099-INT statement will no longer be mailed. Taxpayers must log into their Georgia Tax Center account to view their 1099-INT under the Correspondence tab. The 1099-INT statement is for non-incorporated businesses that were paid $600 or more in refund interest during the 2021 calendar year.


How to Request an Electronic 1099-G (Instructional Guide)

How to Search for 1099-G & 1099-INT Form (Instructional Guide)