General Vehicle Registration Information - FAQ

  • When and where do you register your vehicles?
  • What fees may apply to my vehicle registration?
  • How do I obtain a serial plate and a license plate for my homemade trailer?

    Homemade trailers are required to have a serial plate attached before the trailer can be registered and issued a license plate. To obtain a serial plate for your homemade trailer, submit the signed and notarized Form T-23 Homemade Trailer Affidavit to the County Tag Office in the county in Georgia where you live.

    The county agent will give you a Form T-22C and a serial plate for the homemade trailer. There is a $5 fee for serial plates.

    You must permanently attach the serial plate to your homemade trailer with rivets and have a Georgia Law Enforcement Officer complete Form T-22C (Permission for County Assigned Serial Number Plate for a Homemade Trailer) certifying that the serial plate has been attached to the trailer. 

    Return the completed Form T-22C to your County Tag Office for the issuance of a license plate and a registration certificate (tag receipt). 

    The cost will be $12 (license plate fee) plus applicable Ad Valorem Tax.

    The number on the serial plate will be used as the vehicle identification number (VIN) or serial number in any subsequent motor vehicle transactions. 

    Georgia does not issue titles for homemade trailers.

  • How are commercial vehicles registered?

    Register your commercial vehicles at the County Tag office, where your business is located, if:

    • The commercial vehicles travel only in Georgia and are operating under 26,000 pounds.

    Register your commercial vehicle online at the Georgia Trucking Portal, if:

    • The commercial vehicles travel out of the state of Georgia and are operating at 26,001 pounds or over.
    • These vehicles are required to be registered with the International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

    More information is available online at the Georgia Trucking Portal.

  • What are the income tax credits for low emission and zero emission vehicles?

    The credit amount for any low-emission vehicle or new zero emission vehicle purchased or leased on or after July 1, 2015 is $0.00.  For more information, refer to Georgia Law O.C.G.A § 48-7-40.16.

  • How do I correct an improperly issued commercial license plate rated in error by the Motor Vehicle Division or the County Tag Office?

    Submit to the County Tag Agent:

    • Improperly rated license plate
    • Original owner's license plate registration certificate

    The Motor Vehicle Division will not issue a refund check directly to the taxpayer if the fees were not originally received by the Motor Vehicle Division but were received by their County Tag Office.

    For information regarding refunds of IRP license plate fees, please e-mail the IRP Unit of the Motor Vehicle Division at [email protected].