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The Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) program provides incentives to businesses or individuals who have unfiled or underreported tax liabilities and who have not been contacted by the Department for examination of such potential liabilities. More information on eligibility.

Protect your privacy - The Georgia Department of Revenue values your privacy and will only use any personally identifiable information that you provide to us (e.g., name or address) to respond to your request. However, any information that is sent electronically is not secure and may be seen by others on the Internet. We recommend that you do not send your Social Security Number, Federal Employer Identification Number, or Georgia Tax Identification Number in this correspondence.


To apply, please answer all applicable questions below.

Please be specific in completing the application, as vagueness or ambiguity will only delay the processing of your request.  Anonymous requests will be accepted as long as the request includes the name and contact information of a taxpayer representative.

Note: Some questions relate only to specific tax types so not all questions need to be answered. 


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