File A Return - FAQ

  • Can I start filling out a return and finish it later?

    Yes, if you start filling out your return and would like to complete it at a later time, click the Save and Finish Later button. The return will display as a request, but when you open the return to complete it the status will show as stored this means it is not a submitted request. Click the Change button to finish filling in the return.

  • How do I amend or view a filed return?

    From the Account Summary page, click the View Return link for the desired filing period. Click the Amend button and make the necessary changes. Confirm your request the same way you did for the original return.

  • Why can't I print my return?

    GTC uses Adobe Reader to open documents that should be printed, if you are having trouble printing, ensure your computer has Adobe Reader. Go to to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. IMPORTANT: Paper copies are for users’ personal records only, and should not be sent to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

  • If the due date for filing a return falls on a weekend or holiday, when is the return due?

    The return is due the following business day by 12 pm (midnight) Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    See all tax due dates.


  • How long does it take for my Sale Tax return to update to my account?

    Returns will update to your Sales Tax account overnight.

  • If I pay electronically, am I required to file electronically?

    Yes, taxpayers that remit payments by electronic funds transfer, whether on a mandatory or voluntary basis, must file all associated returns and forms electronically. This includes, but is not limited to: Form 1099, W-2, G-2-A, G1003, ST-3, MFR-21, MFD-04, and all amended returns.