Centralized Alcohol Licensing FAQs

  • How can my jurisdiction be added to the Centralized Alcohol Licensing (ALP)?

    Please contact the Alcohol and Tobacco Division via email or at 1-877-423-6711 to add your jurisdiction to the ALP.

  • What is my initial Login ID and Password?

    Initial Login IDs and Passwords were created and sent via email to each local licensing jurisdiction. Should you need assistance with the initial login ID and password please contact the department at 1-877-423-6711.

  • Can the Primary Login ID ever be changed?

    No, initial primary Login IDs were specifically created by the Department and cannot be changed. However, secondary login IDs can be created for necessary personnel

  • The portal states I am locked out of my account, how can I correct this issue?

    For locked accounts, please use the “forgot password’ link and follow the instructions for resetting your password.

 Retail Licensees

  • What license types are affected by the new law?

    This law applies to retail licenses only. The state offers several retail licenses: retail (beer and/or wine), retail package (package stores), consumption on premises (distilled spirits) and special event permits.

  • What platform will be used for centralized alcohol licensing?

    An applicant/licensee will continue to use the Georgia Tax Center (GTC) to apply for a retail alcohol license. Once the application is received, it will be sent simultaneously to the state and the local licensing authority.

  • Will I see a change in GTC when I register my business?

    Yes, the application process has been updated to include local jurisdiction licensing information and instructions on the payment of local jurisdiction fees.

  • Will I need to complete separate forms for both the local licensing authority and the State?

    Local jurisdictions will only include additional requirements or documents that are necessary to determine if a local license or permit can be issued. Please contact your local licensing authority to obtain this information before submitting an application.

  • Am I required to make separate payments of licensing fees?

    Yes, prior to submission of your application, detailed instructions will be provided for remitting separate licensing fees to the State and your local licensing authority.

  • Am I required to submit fingerprint cards for a criminal background investigation?

    O.C.G.A. § 3-3-2 allows local governing authorities to set forth ascertainable standards in granting, refusing, suspending, and revoking alcohol licenses. Please contact your local licensing authority to obtain criminal background and fingerprinting requirements.

  • What is the timeframe to receive an alcohol license from both the local licensing authority and the State?

    The purpose of this new legislation is to centralize and streamline the application process, however a valid local license is still required before the Department can issue the state license. Once the local license has been issued, the Department will finalize and complete the process.

  • Will I continue to receive an alcohol license from both the local licensing authority and the State?

    Yes, you will receive a local license issued by your local licensing jurisdiction and a state license issued by the Department of Revenue.