EZ Tax Return - Approved Vendor



Series 100 Tax Credit Codes  

Limitations -
Do Not Support

Supports State Only Return
EZTaxReturn 500 101-122 and 124-146

Other GA Withholding (G2-LP, G2-RP and G2-FL)
Other State(s) tax Credit
Other Georgia Income Tax Withheld
Preparer's information and authorization
Schedule 2: GA Tax Credits
Multiple Schedule 2 credits
Schedule 2B: Georgia Refundable Tax Credits (Credit code 145)
Schedule 3: Part-Year and Nonresident
Time Ratio
Form 500 UET
IND-CR Credits  201 – Disabled Person Home Purchase or Retrofit Credit
IND-CR 203 – Georgia National Guard/Air National Guard Credit
IND-CR 204 – Qualified Caregiving Expense
IND-CR 206 – Disaster Assistance Credit
IND-CR 207 – Rural Physicians Credit
IND-CR 208 – Adoption of a Foster Child Credit 
IND-CR 212 – Community Based Faculty Preceptor Tax Credit
Other - 3rd party designee, part-year/nonresidents, foreign addresses, 
deceased, email authorization, extension, +4 of zip codes, SSN payers on
W-2, 1099



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