Paying Insurance and IRP Invoices Online

The following Insurance fees can be paid online:

  • Lapse In Vehicle Insurance Coverage Fees.
  • Vehicle Registration Suspension Fees.

Payment of Insurance Penalties and Fees may not reinstate a suspended vehicle registration Pursuant to DOR guidelines for reinstatement below:

Reinstatement Requirement

  • First suspension in a 5-year period: All penalties and fees paid and current/valid insurance. 
  • Second suspension in a 5-year period: 90 days suspension; all penalties and fees paid and current/valid insurance. 
  • Third suspension or more in a 5-year period: 6 months suspension; all penalties and fees paid and current/valid insurance.

Contact your local county tag office if you have questions concerning your vehicle registration.
Locate your local county tag office.

Paying Penalties and Fees Online

Pay an Insurance penalty or fee online

Paying International Registration Plan (IRP) Invoices Online

The following IRP invoices can be paid online:

  • New Account
  • Renewal
  • New Fleet

The following IRP Supplemental Invoices can be paid on the Internet:

  • Add Equipment
  • Temporary Authority
  • Add States
  • Increase Weight
  • Transfer Tag
  • Duplicate Cab Card
  • Replace Tag
  • Change Commodity Class
  • Fleet to Fleet Transfer
If you are paying your invoice more than 30 days from the invoice date, you must add an additional 25% of the Georgia fees to your payment or contact the IRP office for a new invoice at (404) 675-6135.
If you wish to pay an IRP invoice on line, follow the instructions below:
  • Go to the Official Payments website
  • Select "Make a Payment"
  • Click on "State Payment"
  • Select State
  • At "Payment Entity" drop down menu, select "Georgia Department of Revenue" (Motor Vehicle Division) and press continue
  • Enter payment and press "Continue"
  • Read terms and conditions, and indicate "Accept" or "Decline"
  • If accepting terms and conditions, complete "payer" and "card" information. Press "Continue"
  • Submit payment