Vehicle Registration Renewal

Many Georgia Citizens are eligible to renew online, via a self-service kiosk or in person at your local County Tag Office. We now have an option for customers to be able to look up their tag renewal amount due online.

How can I view my tag renewal amount due?
Use our tag renewal fee look-up tool to see your renewal amount.
What is the deadline for my vehicle renewal?
Your current decal and your registration will no longer be valid after the registration expires, typically on your birthday. The expiration date is noted on your current registration card (in the upper right corner). Please renew as soon as possible.
How can I renew?
Depending on your county, please see the options listed below for the renewal of your registration:
  • Online: Residents of a participating county in the online renewal program can renew using your Renewal Identification Number (RIN). You may use our RIN look-up tool in order to find the RIN for your vehicle. When using this option, please allow time for the county tag office to mail your registration decal prior to your birthday.
  • County Tag Office: With your tag information you can visit your local county tag office to pay your registration and receive your decal.
  • Kiosk: Residents of a county participating in the kiosk program can process their renewals through a Tag renewal self-service kiosk located in certain Kroger store locations as well as some County Tag Offices. 
How do I cancel my vehicle registration?
Download our form MV-18J, Application for Voluntary Registration Cancellation.

If you have additional questions, please view our Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice FAQs or call 1-855-406-5221 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST.